Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's in Your Treasure Chest?

What you spend money on says what is important to you.

What a profound statement for reflection.  Have you looked at your bills recently or around your home, your car, or your activities with a close eye recently?  Are they congruent to what you value or not?

I thought about this statement for awhile today.  Then I made my list (not comprehensive).

My Top Treasures:
Being home with my kids
Being present to my kids
Personal Balance & Empowerment/Spirituality
Healthy Eating
Having Fun
High Ethics & Social Justice
Community Building

And even though I fall short on many of these categories, I'm just going to focus on one.  I can honestly say with regret, that I have not been living as intentionally simple as I value deep down.  Simplicity is something I treasure and it feeds me spiritually.  When I am in line with my "treasures" I am a balanced person, a balanced mother.

Of course, now that I am taking the time to look, it motivates me to align my values with my wallet.  Every time I let cheap plastic "crap" implode in my house (sometimes through no fault of my own that they arrived), I am making a personal statement.  My children catch on to this statement.  Is this what I want them to see as normal?

Ok before I go and feel guilty about this, I am going to take action to get back on track.  This comes as a perfect time of the year (spring cleaning).  While I'm at it, I can do a little deep cleaning in those neglected areas of the house.   I'm not out for perfection, just intention to move in the direction I want to be moving.

What about your treasure chest?  What's in there?  Do your treasures need to be taken out and polished to shine?


Jen Starks, Owner 

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