Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day.  It's a day that's worth celebrating more often, don't you think?   Since becoming a mother, I have a new perspective on Mother's Day.  Not only does it feel nice to be acknowledged and valued as a mom, but I certainly have gained a lot more insight and appreciation for all the mother's in my life (adopted mom, mother-in-law, birth mom, step mom).

This Mother's Day I am especially overjoyed because it was a year ago I first found out I was pregnant with Tyler.  Seeing those double lines on a pregnancy are moments I'll never forget.  Just a simple test, yet the emotions overflow.  Every time I've had a positive test, I feel disbelief, excitement, scared, anxious, and many more emotions!  It's truly one of those "I'll never be the same" moments.

I could list off many reasons why I love being a mother.  But it is often events that occur when I suddenly think "this is why!".  The hours following Tyler's birth were one of those occasions.  He was resting on my chest naked and I was so grateful to be holding him finally.  The other day my daughter, Rita Clare, gave me one of those moments.  It was a day I was particularly exhausted and I banged my leg on a chair.  She ran up to me and say "It's okay, Mama.  I love you!"  Then she kissed my leg (to make it better of course, like I do to her). (Even now I'm tearing up thinking of that!)

One of the hardest things I personally struggle with is finding enough time for myself.  Often too busy and tired, I try to "do it all." But when I make the time to take care of myself and be away from the kiddos awhile, I am such a better mom.  I appreciate what I have and I'm more balanced.

All moms can use a little pampering, even if the baby is still "cooking" inside.  To me, you're already a mom and we honor you too this weekend.  We're doing a contest to win a FREE pedicure at Kanvas Spa in Tallahassee and hope you'll join in on the fun.

All you have to do are 2 things: 

1. "Follow us" on our blog.
2. Tell us what you love the most about being a mom, or a special "mommy" moment.  

We'll randomly select someone and announce it Sunday evening on our Facebook page.  Good luck and we look forward to reading all your responses!


Jen Starks