Friday, March 23, 2012

Bento Boxes!

As an on the go mom of a 3 1/2 year old boy, I am so excited to introduce a BRAND NEW product for Ecological Babies. Keepin' Fresh Kids Stainless Bento Boxes! If you thought all we carried was cloth diapers, you are in for a treat! Preschool moms, rejoice! Your boring snapware/tupperware days are over.

Check out the super cute pink one with little fishies! I'm no kid, but heck - I'd carry that in my lunch box any day.

The prints on the sleeve are super cute, without being cute-sy. They are kind of like a cross between old-school Pyrex and Japanese anime cartoons. You can choose
from alligators or little fishies, and the silicone seals are either pink (fishes), green, or blue (both with alligators).

The boxes are from Innobaby, and feature a stainless steel inner dish with a BPA free plastic sleeve that goes over it. The sleeve keeps the outside of the container at a steady temperature, so it is comfortable for the child to hold, regardless of the temperature of the food inside. They hold 15 ounces, which is plenty of space for a portion of pasta and protein, or even a sandwich with some chips or fruit on the side.

My favorite feature is the secure lid with silicone ring seal, which snaps on tight to create an air and liquid tight seal, keeping the child's lunchbox (or your tote bag) nice and clean, and the food nice and fresh. But unlike most snapware, the seals on this can actually be opened by a child! Here's my big boy, demonstrating how easy it is to open the box.

"Hey Mom! I really like the one with the alligators!"

If you're one of those fancy, crafty mamas with all the nifty little Bento accessories like tiny containers and toothpicks with cartoon faces on them, there is plenty of room for creativity. If you are looking for a little inspiration, no need to head to EBay for Bento accessories - think of things you already have in your kitchen.

In my experience, kids love variety of color and texture (but not too much or it's overwhelming), but they like it SEPARATE! Rule #1 of meal presentation in my house is - thy foods shalt not touch, and thy textures shalt not blend. Easy solution? Divided trays for meals, and foil and medicine cups for snack boxes. Fold up a piece of foil to double thickness and make it an L-shape, and it can contain softer foods like the strawberries here. A medicine dispensing cup is a perfect portion size of peanut butter or other dips, like hummus.

The boxes are just $16, and would be a perfect addition to rev up your child's lunch box or your trusty tote bag. They would also make an adorable (and practical!) gift to put in your child's Easter basket. Happy packing!

Claire Williamson, representative for Ecological Babies
(850) 228-8322

You can read more about the Innobaby bento lunch boxes here:

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