Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thirsties-Why they are the Best Investment

If you have been using cloth diapers or reading about them, you have probably noticed that one-size diapers are all the rage.  In theory, it makes sense.  Who wants to keep spending money again and again for cloth diapers (although it can become a little addicting sometimes!)?

Only a couple years ago, it was normal to buy 4 sizes from XS to L for your baby.  Some of you who've been with Ecological Babies that long remember our Thirsties Covers.  Well, the market changed to figure out how to make a diaper that grows with the baby (often in the form of a couple rows of snaps in the front).

Then the one-size diaper was born.  Let's be real though.  Not all babies fit the typical 8-35 lbs birth to potty training that most one-size diapers are designed. And those that are on either end of the spectrum aren't going to find a great fit (too small or too large).

Thirsties took this trend to the next level and created a 2-sized diaper. (One size goes from 6-18lbs and the other goes from 18-40lbs.)  In my opinion, 2 sizes is a much better investment.

Top Reasons Why 2 Sizes Are Superior:

- Less Wear & Tear on your Diapers- Size 1 will last about a year and will stay in great condition if you have future children or want to sell them used. A one-size diaper can be rough if used from 8-35lbs. It typically is worn over 300 times if in regular rotation!
- Two Sizes give a better weight range- Starts at 6lbs and ends at 40lbs.  This way, your baby can truly use them right from birth and all the way to potty training.  Who wants to have to buy more diapers when your toddler is 2 but not ready to potty train?
- Two Sizes give a much better fit- Have you seen a newborn in a one-size diaper?  Big diaper & small baby!

Why Thirsties is Superior:

-All of their products are made in the USA.
-Most of the diapers are sewn by women in their homes!
-If there is a defect (rare as it is, it does happen from time to time), they have superior customer service.
-They are one of the greenest companies in the world (e.g. 100% powered by wind).
-Their diapers/covers have my favorite features:
     -leg gussets in their covers and duo diapers- great for preventing leaks, creates a great fit for    
      skinny or chunky babies, and keeps the diaper in place when baby is on the move
    - Their inner fleece is super soft on their duo diapers
    - The inserts swish out in the laundry on their duo diapers, which keeps you from pulling it out
    -The duo diaper inserts are the best- They have 2 different types snapped together (microfiber &
      blend).  This allows extra absorbency, less bulk, quick drying, and stay cleaner after washing.
    -Finally, I love how it gives you the option of either hook/loop (velcro) or snaps.  That's another
      blog post in itself but great for meeting the needs of all families.
-Pocket Style diapers are convenient, great for night or day, dry quicker, AND can last longer than 
  all-in-one styles.  The pocket part can easily line-dry which is less wear and tear on the diaper.

If you'd like to learn more about Thirsties' sustainable choices or about their mission, check it out. It's very impressive!


Jen Starks, Owner 

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Emily said...

I think the size 1 is perfect for newborns, especially because they dip, so it won't irritate the belly button. But I cannot see it fitting all the way to one year. My son only fit in them for a month. Once he got up to 13 pounds, those were definitely getting too small. I'd say they *might* fit up to 15 pounds at the maximum.