Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mommy Moments- The Unexpected, The Endearing!

I tend to post a lot about motherhood.  Not as an expert but as something that I'm processing as I go along.  It's the most important job we have and often very tiring and perplexing.  Often we give so much of ourselves to our children without the expectation they will be grateful at the present.

 However, we are often gifted by unexpected moments.  I'm talking about those moments when your little one touches your soul and makes you feel connected to each other.  Maybe you have them all day long, maybe once a week.  Today, I had one.

My daughter came down after quiet time (aka a naptime without a nap), and brought down a bag full of "stuff" from her room.  These bags are often a mystery and usually filled to the brim.  She came into the kitchen where I was standing and talked about a little picture she had made for me.  She said, "This is a little picture you keep folded up and in your pocket. Whenever I'm not here and you are missing me, you can open it up and look at it.  Then you won't miss me as much!"

I feel grateful that she is growing up to be the little girl she is becoming.  I also feel grateful that I didn't miss that moment.  Sometimes, I'm not present to them and I miss out by being "busy."

Did you have an unexpected "Mommy/Daddy Moment" recently?  I'd love to hear it!

Jen Starks, Owner

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