Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review: Smartipants

Here's another diaper I've heard some chatter about, so I decided to test it out. Unlike the Happy Heiny's, I'd use this diaper more often.  But to me, it feels like a "cheap" diaper.

-Cute colors
-Snaps for a one-size
-Insert swishes out in the wash

-The overall design and fit of the diaper is awkward.  I think they need to improve it to fit on a baby better
-The inner lining, like a suede cloth, is rather rough against the skin.  It feels like a generic material and RC doesn't really like it (my daughter)
-The insert that it comes with doesn't really fit correctly in the pouch.  It's a bit too big and some of the microfiber always pokes out.  This is a material you don't want against your baby/toddler's skin!
-We've had multiple leaks in this diaper.  I use it around the house but cannot rely upon it while out and about.
-The diaper is made in China and at this point, I have no idea what the factory conditions are like there.

Cloth Diaper Review: Happy Heiny's One-Size

I've been testing out the Happy Heiny's One-Size diaper and I've been disappointed.  I wanted to like this brand, since it is made in the USA and it is a well-known brand.  However, it just isn't comparable to other diapers.  This is a diaper I use as a last resort.

Cute colors/patterns
Not bad price for a one-size
Made in USA

Sags when stuffed for nighttime causing leaks around waist
Inner fleece loses its softness quickly
Front snaps pop out easily, losing its custom fit
Velcro isn't strong