Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY- Mold Remover

If you are anything like me, you haven't been keeping up with those sinks and bathtub rims.  In damp locations, mold quickly builds up (especially if you live in a humid location!).

I love cleaning solutions that all you have to do is spray and then easily wipe up later for great results.  This is one of those recipes.  Unlike some recipes that have to be made right before use, this mold remover solution can keep in a spray bottle to have on hand.  Heck, you could spray your bathroom after a shower and then wipe it up next time you use the restroom.

The Players:
1/2 Cup hydrogen peroxide
1 Cup water
Few drops of tea tree oil (optional)

Someday soon, I am going to write about all the great uses of hydrogen peroxide but I love that I can find a large bottle in just about at any grocery store, dollar store, pharmacy store, and it is very inexpensive.


Mix all your ingredients into your spray bottle.  Spray a generous amount on your moldy area.  Wait at least an hour and then scrub off.  I like to use an old tooth brush for this, especially for those hard to reach areas.  Just make sure you make an obvious indication that this toothbrush is used just for cleaning. :)


Happy cleaning!


Jen Starks, Owner 

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Diane Blackburn said...

That was a very effective and safe mold remover! Instead of using strong chemical-based cleaners, always choose one that is naturally made because it’s cost effective and earth-friendly. Also, be sure to protect yourself when you’re removing the mold. Make your home a comfortable, safe and healthy place to live in by keeping mold away!