Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Top 10 Holiday Gifts

I don't know about you, but I appreciate any little guidance I can receive, when I am shopping for gifts for loved ones.  Since we have quite a few products on our website, I thought I'd scour through it and extract our top recommended gifts for the holidays.  Although, I must admit that I think all our products would make great gifts, since they are made with fair labor, are high quality, and highly functional.  :)

1. bumGenius Babylegs ($12)

These are great for all those crawlers, as leggings under dresses, for easy night time changing, and fit compactly in your diaper bag for a little added warmth.  I especially like to use these when I'm wearing my baby in a sling and their little legs are poking out. Cute prints in boy and girl options!

2. Carriwell's Maternity Flexi-Belt ($20) 

This belt is a way to save on all those maternity clothes to fit your growing belly.  It comes first with an elastic belt which extends your waistline during your early pregnancy.  Then it includes 3 colors of organic cotton panels to cover any exposed zipper area.  This is especially great for professional mamas who don't want to buy all those expensive maternity business pants!

3. PunkinButt Bubble Bath & Body Wash ($13.50)

A generous size bottle for its quality, this bubble bath uses healthy ingredients and provides lots of relaxation for either baby or mama.  This can also be used as body wash and comes in two wonderful scents.

4. Amber Teething Necklace ($22) 

Not only are amber necklaces (we also carry bracelets!) ridiculously adorable on babies, but they are also very helpful in helping baby feel more comfortable when they are teething.  Baltic amber's resin is absorbed into the skin and lessens sensations of pain related to teething and also growing pains.

The cord is made from silk and each bead is individually tied.  So, if the necklace is tugged enough, it will break free and only one small bead is released (too small to be a hazard).

5. LuSa's Organics "Welcome, Little One Gift Collection" ($35

This gift set has some of my favorite LuSa products in it.  In it, you'll receive Booty Balm, Bath Bath & Massage Oil, Sleeping Potion, a mild bar of soap made from Calendula, and a soft cloth wash cloth made from organic cotton.  The kit also comes in a reusable zipper tote to use over and over again.  This will make baby AND mama happy!

6.  Maya Wrap Slings ($75) 

I would argue that having a good sling is the investment over all baby gear items.  There are many psychological benefits for baby and mama when the baby is being worn (learn more here).  Mama (and Daddy!) are able to carry their baby in a way that will distribute the weight of the baby better, while also being able to free up their hands.  This particular sling is lightly padded, breathable hand-loomed cotton, and has 6+ positions in which you can carry the baby through it's developmental stages.  Purchase it with us and we will provide complimentary tutorials in addition to the instructional DVD included.  It also has a pocket to carry small items!

7. LuSa Organics Skin Care Items

All of our LuSa Organics products are handmade by a family up in Wisconsin.  They choose pure and highest quality ingredients, which in turn makes them very effective products.  For very fair prices, I also love that the products last and last, so I can use them over a long period of time.

If you are interested in learning more about their story and mission, you can check them out here. Oh, and their blog is also sensational and inspiring! :)

8. bumGenius Diaper Sprayer ($60) 

One of the best inventions for cloth diapers (besides Snappi's Fasteners), diaper sprayers are definitely worth having in a cloth diapering home.  These are awesome gifts for family members and friends.  Beyond the use of cleaning up messy diapers, they are great for cleaning out portable potty chairs, cleaning bathtubs, can be used as a bidet, washing pets in the tub, and filling up buckets of clean water. Easy to install, flow is adjustable, and it comes with a 3 year warranty!

9. PlanetWise Wet/Dry Bags ($21)

I wish I had more of these in my home for personal use.  Used for carrying dirty cloth diapers when on the go, they contain Smells and leaks.  Beyond diapers, they are great for swim gear, spit up/wet clothes, potty training, and can be used well beyond potty training for mom as well (gym clothes, shoes, etc).

10. Ecological Babies' Gift Certificates 

Not sure what would be the best gift?  Let them decide on their own!  Gift certificates come in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.  They ship free and we'll send their items to anywhere in the US.

Happy Holidays!  We truly appreciate you choosing to support our business.


Jen Starks, Owner

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