Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Healing From the Inside, Naturally-Part II

Health.  Could you imagine not remembering the last time you were sick or your kiddos were sick?  My chiropractor in Tallahassee told me that he hasn't needed to take a sick day in over 15 years.  He doesn't use antibacterial gel after each patient either (claims he keeps it in his office for his patients "peace of mind"), yet he sees sick clients consistently.  Is he just lucky?  He told me that he used to get sick during "flu seasons" when he didn't take care of his body.  Put simply, he shared that he exercises regularly, eats well, gets enough sleep, keeps his spine aligned, avoids caffeine, and takes a few supplements.  

Seems too simple doesn't it?  But honestly, it isn't really "easy" to take care of yourself in this way without some sacrifice, self-control, and dedication.  As I've shared previously, I get suckered into staying up too late.  Having kids means more sleepless nights. We all can't afford a gym membership or the childcare that goes along with it.  Does eating healthy and organic foods seem like a luxury too?  Well, there are many excuses and fortunately there are ways to afford to be healthy.  It just takes a little thrift and lots of prioritization.   Instead of spending your money at the doctor's office, you'll be saving by investing in your long-term health.

My family doctor in Tallahassee used to have the same formula for me when I'd come in sick or with a sick child: Cut out refined sugars, stick to a Mediterranean diet, try to eat organic fruits and veggies, stay hydrated, spend time outside with mild playing, and then would assure me all would work itself out.  In terms of medicine, he usually recommended supplements and homeopathic remedies:  Probiotics daily, sambucol syrup with elderberry and echinacea, Nature's Way Cold Care syrup, Omega 3, and vitamin D drops. Using a cool-mist humidifier was usually in there too. His final remarks were usually "keep up the good work and come see me if you need to."  I miss that reassurance he always gave me, especially when I was a new mom.  Sigh.

Thanks to Jill Welch, Kitchen Goddess and my local farmer Joe Gady from Farming for Life, I've also learned the amazing benefits of green smoothies, consuming tons of leafy greens, eating more sea vegetables, regularly eating fermented foods, and drinking teas and bone broths.  In other words, I'm receiving a bunch of live probiotics and minerals while balancing out the PH in my body from all the other foods I choose to eat that might not be as beneficial.  Refined grains, sugars, starches, and any processed convenience foods mess up our immune system.  While I would say we are on a healthy track in our house, it is not a flawless victory, especially this past month.

These are specific recommendations from those I have learned from and respect, and help promote overall wellness. I have also learned to rely on other remedies when we are sick: neti pots, green tea with honey, spicy bone broths with garlic, ginger, and cayenne, humidifiers, warm baths, inhaling vapors with eucalyptus oil, colloidal silver, vitamin C drinks, Kumbucha, gentle yoga, and LOTS of water and rest.  

What are you currently battling?  What is helping?

For our good health,

Jen Starks, Owner 

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