Thursday, December 13, 2012

Deep in Our Deep Freezer!

Nope, that is definitely not a picture of what my deep freezer look like right now.  I'm relatively new to the deep freezer system, and I would certainly say I need to improve on utilizing it more effectively.  Recently, my husband made a comment to me, "Wow, our deep freezer is full.  We could be feasting." (Side Note: That's not really a direct quote but how I remember it.)  What he was saying was actually a nice way to put it.  In fact, I can barely put anything else inside my deep freezer and moving the nicely organized shelves back and forth is impossible.

This is a good problem to have really. Since I have been spending each season preserving my favorite fruits and veggies, my freezer has been storing delicious food waiting to be used in a meal.  I've also occasionally saved some larger meals and stuck them in one of the overflowing racks.  Additionally, I have joined a meat CSA where I receive a random cut of meat for future use.  Those have nonchalantly been tossed in there but not been used.

I'm willing to bet that I could eat for at least 3 weeks solid just from my deep freezer.  Cha-ching goes my brain as I look at my dwindling food budget as we prepare for another holiday feast at my house.  My husband's comment has sprung me into action (rather than put up my defenses!), and I am on a mission to wisely but regularly pull more from my deep freezer-meats, fish, chicken stock, pumpkin puree, green peppers, chopped tomatoes, corn, blueberries, and much more!  Once a week, I want to plan a meal centered around what's in my deep freezer or actually use one of those meals I have been saving for "convenience".  Who needs to order a last minute pizza when I have a delicious and nourishing frozen soup with homemade bread calling my name in that freezer.

What's in your deep freezer and do you have a system of regularly using what's in there?

Ready to feast frugally,

Jen Starks, Owner 

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