Monday, July 30, 2012

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Tips to Beat the Heat

Whether you are pregnant, wearing your baby, or just wanting to keep cool during the hot summer months, we hope that some of these suggestions will help you and your entire family beat the heat while also being "green".

Top 10 "Ecological" Ways to Beat the Summer Heat:

1. Drink loads of water. Add mint, lemon, or cucumbers for extra cooling.

2. My go-to solution for most things: Green Smoothies-breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Add coconut water! We also freeze our green smoothies and they make delicious popsicles. I have a great recipe posted here.

3. Skip the oven.  Use either a crockpot or your grill.

4. Eat more fresh fruit and veggies, especially watermelon.

5. Carry a spray bottle around with you.  Better yet, give your kids one too and they can keep themselves cool while having fun! I'm not usually an advocate to go out and purchase a lot of baby accessories but this fan would be a great addition to your stroller or carseat:

6. Skip the blow dryer.  Sure your hair might not be as nice as you want it but who wants to sweat right after showering?  And wet hair = cooler body!

7. In the evening when the temperature breaks, blow warm air out of the house.  Then cool it down with your A/C.

8. Skip using the drying cycle on your dishwasher.  Instead, open up the door and let them air dry. Same with your clothes.  Use that clothesline for clothes and your diapers!

9. Wear loose thin clothing made out of natural fibers.  Letting sweat evaporate off your skin helps keep you cool. Better yet, wear less clothing (especially at home!).  Keep your baby in nothing but their cute cloth diaper!

10. Visit your public pools and local library!

Stay cool,

Jen Starks, Owner 


Nicole said...

We love the stroller fan. In fact we have one for mommy and one for baby! Great idea to hang out at the library, free A/C!

HVAC contractor Dallas said...

Thank you for this post. These tips will certainly help a lot. During summer, instead of staying at home and turning on our air conditioner, we would usually go out to malls and have some bonding time there while cooling off ourselves. I also do agree with the watermelon. I so live this fruit because it really hydrates you.