Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Go-To Green Smoothie Recipe

Photo Taken from The Kitchen Goddess
I was first introduced to green smoothies by my good friend, Jill Welch, also known as The Kitchen Goddess. I came to her after I had my second child, Tyler, and I was exhausted needing a good morning solution.  It probably took her suggesting it like 5 times before I eventually asked her to come over and show me how she makes them.  It really is simple though and I'm grateful for her suggestions and expertise.  Thanks Jill!  :)

The hardest part for those who are new to green smoothies is that they look rather unappealing to the eye.  On the occasions when I add more strawberries than usual and omit the spirulina, the smoothie has a nice little hint of pink.  But usually it is green or a muddy brown.  This was a tricky situation to overcome while introducing this to the family, especially to my daughter.  I admit, I was also worried about its taste after I made my first one.  Fortunately, the taste won over the appearance and my daughter usually happily drinks her green smoothie.

The best part of making a green smoothie for me and the kids (and occasionally Brian if he is around), is that I know they are getting a good dose of greens in their system.  I especially try to make it first thing in the morning.  I know I feel much better on the days I've have it at breakfast. I feel more mentally alert, energetic, less moody, and more satiated.

Rita Clare drinking her smoothie

The original recipe Jill actually gave me is listed on her website right now and offers a great variety of things to add to your smoothie to make them even more nutrient rich.  

Lately, I've kept it more simple (aka lazy!) just so I will keep up with it consistently.

Jen's Green Smoothie:
1 Cup of spinach, kale, or chard (I choose whatever comes in my CSA basket.  Baby spinach is the easiest to start with because it is the mildest in flavor and blends well.)
1 Frozen banana (I stick the overly ripe ones straight in the freezer)
1 Cup of Juice (not from concentrate.  Lately the large containers of the Naked brand has been on sale and has been a great addition)
1 Cup water
4-5 Berries or a peach or an apple (peeled) or other whole fruit on hand
1 Tbs of Spirulina

This is pretty much it.  I try to work with what I have on hand.  Sometimes I add some yogurt, an avocado (if I don't have any bananas), a little honey, bee pollen, flax meal, flax oil, wheat germ. I like to make it in a large batch and drink it throughout the day.

I'd love to hear what you've been putting in your green smoothies lately!


Jen Starks, Owner

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