Monday, July 2, 2012

Potty Training- Tyler's Progress Report

For some reason, there have been a number of my blogger friends who have written a post today about potty training.  I thought I'd build up some camaraderie and fill you in on how potty training (or learning) is going in our household.

Tyler initiated peeing on the potty a little over a month ago.  It all started when our babysitter did a very poor job in wiping his bum from his last diaper change before bed.  As a result, the poor guy had a very severe diaper rash when he woke up. :(  So for the next few days, I'd wait a while before I put on a fresh diaper between changes.  In the morning, I'd take off his diaper and just let him have some fresh air.

During one of these mornings, Tyler went into the bathroom and sat on the "froggy potty".  Instead of telling me he was going, he decided that bringing the little bucket of pee pee with a proud face was the way to go.  This brings such a smile to my face thinking about how he walked in announcing " I PEED, Mommy!"  I couldn't believe it.  That day, he was so into it, he probably peed on it 20 times-lol! Of course, most of the time, it was a little drop.

Ok, so this might be too much visual but check out that proud face!
Since then, he's had days where he had an accident almost every time he had the urge to go.  But overall, he's done great.  Using cloth diapers before potty training has made potty training so much more relaxing for a number of reasons:

1.  Dealing with an "accident" isn't a big deal because I feel more prepared. I've already carried around a change of clothes and a wet bag, since he was born. Instead of diapers, I have trainers. About a year ago,I wrote a blog post on ways to be prepared during potty training here. Of course, we have different trainers to recommend now!

2.  Instead of rushing Tyler into this process, I've let him take the lead.   I've come to understand that he will do this when he is developmentally ready not when other moms brag about their child or when the books say it is time.

3. I don't feel pressured to "save money" on pull-ups by forcing him into this stage. We've already paid for them! :)

4. Because he's been in cloth, I've been following his peeing/pooping record closely.  I pretty much know about when he pees, how much he pees, and how long he stays dry.

4.  Tyler is more prepared too.  He knows when he is about to go pee/poop and has had time to feel "wet" longer than if he weren't using cloth diapers.

5. He's still using his one-size diapers at night and even some of the Flip Trainers.  Unbelievably enough, he has been staying dry through the night too.  

I've learned that potty training is very different for each child.  My daughter was (is still in many regards) motivated by rewards and night time training was extended long after she was in underwear during the day.  Tyler could care less about any reward! 

What has/was potty training like for your kids?  Any stories you'd like to share?

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