Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prepping Your Cloth Diapers

So, you now have your cloth diapers (hopefully from Ecological Babies!) and you are ready to get them ready to be used on your baby. The purpose of prewashing is to quilt up the natural fibers and to remove any loose materials or residue on the diapers. Pre-washing instructions are different from regular care, so here's our recommendations to get you started.

Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo materials- (prefolds, pocket inserts, all-in-ones, doublers)

  • These materials need to be washed AND dried a minimum of 3 times.  
  • Detergent is only necessary one time.  
  • They can be combined with other laundry.  
  • Temperature of the water does not matter.  
  • You will need to collect all the lint out of your dryer before drying them again. 

Polyester materials (diaper covers, microfiber inserts, pocket shells), cotton wipes, wet bags
  • You only need to wash these once with detergent.
  • Temperature of the water does not matter.
  • Covers and pocket shells are best flat or line dried.  Otherwise, tumble dry low is next recommendation.

After that, you are all set!  Now comes the exciting part of putting that on your cute baby. :)


Jen Starks, Owner

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