Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Make Pickles!

Well, for the first time, I've entered the process of making pickles.  I must be upfront that my fermenting process has only begun and therefore cannot vouch for how great these pickles taste...yet.  I will come back into this blog when it's time and add how it turned out then.

Added later- These pickles turned out delicious and had the perfect crunch. Once we started eating them, they didn't last long!

Just like all the new things I've tried at home for the first time this year (making detergent, etc), this is another EASY thing to do from home and much healthier for you.  The recipe I am sharing came from a local CSA member who has been using this recipe to make pickles.  I was excited that she passed this along because we received a ton of pickling cucumbers in our basket this week.

Ingredients & Directions:
        1/8 cup fresh dill
        8 garlic cloves, whole or sliced
        1/2 cup white wine vinegar
        1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
        2 cups water
        1/4 cup salt (necessary to preserve)
        1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
        1/2 Tbs. turmeric (optional for color)
        3 cucumbers, sliced into 1/3-inch rounds (add last)

Stir all ingredients except the cucumber together in a large bowl.  Add
the cucumber slices and place something heavy (like a plate) on top in the
bowl so that the cucumbers stay submerged under the surface of the liquid.
Cover the bowl with a cloth to keep out bugs.  Let the cucumbers marinate
at room temperature for 3 days.  Refrigerate when ready.

This is what mine looks like right now!   



Jen Starks, Owner 


Tara said...

I just bought cucumbers and was wondering how to make pickles, I may have to try this. I just need some dill.

Maureen said...

I pickled not too long ago, and stuck them straight into a mason jar... is there a reason to not place them in a more air tight contraption?? I just threw them in the fridge, too.... but they turned out amazing, and those are about the ingredients I used, give or take on some of the spices...