Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Groove

Is there something you do at the beginning of each week (Sunday or Monday) that really helps your week jive?  I've been working on a steady balance throughout each week and it is simply tough for me.  Most often, I have a fantastic string of days instead of consistent weeks on end.

Today, however, it is clear that having my upcoming week mapped out on my Google calender and my meals laid out is essential.  I can weave in activities and meal prepping for upcoming days rather than doing things day by day.  So, for example, this morning I prepared a slow cooker meal and chopped extra veggies for upcoming meals.

Having a dinner ready in the morning always puts me at ease.  I'm not rushing around with hungry kids at my feet and feel accomplished all day.  This morning, I even had my 2 y.o. son help me and we made a nice morning out of it.

What makes your days go by smoothly?



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Lisa said...

Laying out clothes the night before, or at least before it's actually time to get dressed. It makes a huge difference! I also enjoy the time I have at church on Sunday mornings.