Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Adventures

We have settled into a weekly routine over the past few months, and I really like it. I have never been a "schedule" person, even though I do very much enjoy being organized. Having a routine to our week and a rhythm to our days helps me a lot mentally, and lately I am seeing the value of it for my 3 year old son, as well.
Here is what we do:
Monday - stay home, play, laundry, general cleaning up
Tuesday - playdates with friends in Capital City Moms Club
Wednesday - drop off orders at Rinse and Repeat, errands, go on adventures
Thursday - Moms Morning Out, lunch with friends, quiet movie afternoon
Friday - time with friends, no real plans
I think probably my favorite day is Wednesday, because while it has structure, there is also the promise of an afternoon adventure. Since Rinse and Repeat is in midtown, I try to knock out errands that might need to be taken care of in that area. But after that, the day is ours.
One of our new favorite places is the Miccosukee Greenway. I heard about it through friends, and a few weeks ago we ventured out there for the first time. We quickly fell in love! It's basically a huge field, with a wooded area that has picnic tables and giant oak trees with low branches - perfect for climbing. The best part? Plenty of room to run! Grant is convinced that Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, and Tigger live there, as evidenced by the number of trees with hollows in their trunks.
Today's adventure, however, brought us a little closer to home. After leaving Rinse and Repeat, we went to Target, which as far as Grant is concerned, is the best store in the world, second only to Goodwill, which he calls the "Toy Store." :) (Yay for that!)
When we got there we saw that they were, once again, working on repaving the parking lot. An inconvenience getting in the way of parking the car? Heck no! We jumped out of the car, and found a shady bench to watch all the trucks. Steamrollers, pavers, and backhoe loaders, oh my!
Our adventures continued when we got home. Yesterday my husband had a friend with a truck bring him home from work so he could bring this giant box home. He teaches drama, and last week one of his kids brought the box in as a prop (?) for a scene he did for the class. My husband has a love of cardboard boxes that he has passed down to our son, so of course when the project was finished the box had to come home. Already it has been a speed boat, a rocket, and a time machine. Who knows what it will be tomorrow?
Do you take time to go on simple adventures? Do you like schedules, or do you go where the wind takes you? I think we do a little of both.
Enjoy your day -
Claire Williamson


Michelle King said...

Claire, the things you do with Grany give me inspiration for what I could do with my boys. As weird as it may seem, you make being a stay at home mom seem attractive to this work-a-holic!

Claire said...

Awww, thanks Michelle! I certainly never thought I'd be a stay at home mom, or really a mom at all. But now I can't imagine doing anything else! I can't say everyday is as amazing as today was, and some days are downright bad. But overall I love this crazy job. And even if you are working during the week, there is still plenty of time for weekend adventures! We try to look for fun things to do close to home that get us out of the house and outside making memories.