Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GroVia's Stay Dry Soaker Pads

Have you snagged a pair of these new stay dry soaker pads yet?  Word on the street is that the worst part about it is that it's difficult to tell when the soaker pad is wet.  That's pretty amazing!

The soaker pad is GroVia's best attempt yet with a super soft fleece on top (and the leg gussets are fleece too!) and is made from a cotton/hemp blend.  This blend means that it is actually more absorbent than ever (hemp is 3x more absorbent than cotton) AND it is a thinner soaker pad (thinner=less bulk).

If you've been dissatisfied with GroVia's earlier soaker pads then you must give these a shot!  If you like your other soaker pads, then these will make a fantastic addition, especially for night time use and longer trips.  They are the same price as the organic cotton ones at $17.95 for 2.

Have you tried these yet?  What's your opinion?

Jen Starks

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molly said...

Love these in general. They are incredibly trim and the fleece is so soft. They are very absorbent and will last 12 hrs for my 5 month old. Only downside so far is that the hemp blend shrinks slightly with prepping but the fleece does not, leaving the fleece bunched somewhat against baby skin. Not a deal breaker for me but not ideal.

kim said...

really love the new stay dry pads. trim AND absorbent. My little guy definitely prefers the stay dry version.

Jen Tooman said...

We LOVE these! We've been using the cotton soakers, which are great during the day because our son becomes uncomfortable when the diaper is wet, so I know when to change him. Over night, I don't like leaving him in something that doesn't wick. These soakers are great! Even all night, with 2 boosters tucked in we have no leaks!