Thursday, May 24, 2012

Transitions to Summer

Wow, this past week has completely pulled the rug from under me.  Apparently, I don't do well with transitions.  My daughter's preschool ended last Wednesday and I seem to be floating around in never never land.

I can't seem to find the time to do any work, cook, keep up on laundry, or plan out our week.  We haven't resorted to watching tv all day nor eating out every meal.  I'm just winging it grasping to set up a new schedule.  It has been....exhausting!

My life looks like my diaper bag.  It has random crap in there, most of which I don't need it to be in there. I can't find my license and money is tucked in random pockets.  My cell phone cover is missing it top and I can't keep it charged.  Basically, I'm in a bit of a mess.

The kids feel it too.  They go from overexcited to fit all day long.  Their sleeping has varied further throwing off our schedule.  They get along one minute and then the next they are fighting over a book...or a crayon...or who has more of something.  I feel like I am constantly "reacting" to their recent drama.  It's not a good space to be in.

I'm grateful that I can chock it up to the change from the school year to our summer mode.  I know that things will calm down and our summer isn't going to be like this everyday.  Well, I am HOPING!

So please bear with me these next couple weeks.  Some of you are probably experiencing or will be experiencing a similar situation as your child(ren) finish their school year.  I'm working on serenity and finding our new balance.  In the meantime, I may not be answering my phone right away to protect you from hearing our crazy life in the background.  I will have to find a quiet moment later on in the day when I can offer you my full attention.

Peace and joy,

Jen Starks, Owner

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