Monday, May 14, 2012

Claire's 1 Year Anniversary

I can't believe this but it has officially been 1 year, and today I celebrate and acknowledge how great it has been to have Claire Williamson on my team.  Last year, I moved my family home to Indiana because my husband took a new position at Notre Dame.  Invested in our Tallahassee community, I didn't want to take Ecological Babies away.  It was my hope with hiring Claire, that Ecological Babies could continue to serve Tallahassee with education, natural products, and a community promoting sustainable parenting.

I am thrilled to say that Claire took over my position at Tallahassee and has filled her position above & beyond my expectations.  I am proud of her commitment to excellent customer service, she actively seeks and participates in local events to represent Ecological Babies, and she invites us into her personal journey in sustainable parenting.  Speaking for the whole Ecological Babies community, we've loved her blog posts on cooking with kids and her struggles as a mom.  We love her insight and feedback when we post a question or comment on our facebook page.

Claire, today we honor and thank you for all your hard work with Ecological Babies.  You have personally impacted me with inspiration and I know you have done the same with our growing community in Tallahassee.  :)

If Claire has served you well this past year, will you write her a comment below please?



Jen Starks, Owner


Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas said...

Yay, Claire! Claire has been so awesome helping me set up a registry for my second-born (but first cloth-diapered babe) and helping me throw a cloth-diaper shower for a friend. You're the best, Claire :)

Musical Mir said...

I went to college with Claire and live miles away. She has helped me be confident in cloth diapering and she is a wonderful person and an awesome mamma!

Leslee said...

When you announced you were leaving, I worried what Tallahassee would do without Ecological Babies. When you hired Claire, I was so thankful that you found someone awesome who could fill your shoes so EB could stay here! Claire has been so great, she is super helpful and I don't think twice about asking her questions or sending friends and clients her way. Thank you, Claire! And thank you, Jen!