Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Harmony = Powerful

This morning, I realized how much I have been relying on music to help our family transition into our summer mode full of activities and often broken schedules.  Things were very predictable during the "school" year and it brought a lot of ease during each day as the kids and I knew what to expect.

Needless to say, the new transition has been challenging for me, as I mentioned in my last blog post.  I prefer routine but I also seek out fun and new activities.  I've been trying to embrace these changes but realize how much more effort it is to change things up.

Music is a passion of mine and I have heavily relied on it during my lifetime, whether by playing an instrument for meditation purposes or listening to various genres.  The right music enhances my mood in whatever I am experiencing at the moment.  For example, when I am doing my bookkeeping, which is really boooooring to me, I play some classical jazz.  It helps me to concentrate while also provide me pleasure while doing something I typically wouldn't want to do. I end up completing my task much quicker than without the music.

Every morning this past week, I have relied on my "relaxation radio" station on pandora to provide me with some extra peace and harmony in our morning routine.  I come downstairs with the kids, who apparently rise with such enthusiasm that I want to go running back to bed and hide for countless hours. I turn on my cell phone and use my pandora app to play music through some portable speakers that were once used on an expired computer.  It is my goal to bring down all that hyper energy and assist them in sitting calmly while they are eating breakfast or start some low key activities.  And even when they get a little crazy, despite the musical mood, the music helps remind me to breathe and relax.

As humans, we have a biological need for peace and harmony in our lives.  As parents, we can wonder if we will ever have that peace and harmony (especially when more than 1 child is involved).  I especially struggle at these early morning hours when I need time to clear my head and let my body and brain simply "wake up."

What do you do in your home to provide peace and harmony?

What provides you and/or your kids peace and harmony in the morning?

With peaceful music playing in the background,

Jen Starks, Owner 

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