Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Bucket List" Summer 2012- Part 2

 "Bucket List" Summer 2012

  • Camping
    • Near Lake Michigan/Dunes (August sometime)
    • In Upstate NY (July 4th wknd) (CANCELLED)
    • W/Brian's family (late June)
  • Attractions
    • Curious Kids Museum (St Joe, MI)
    • Fernwood Botanical Gardens (local)
    • Healthworks (local)
    • Museum of Science & Industry (Chicago)
    • Potowatami Zoo (local)
    • Venetian Festival (St. Joe, MI) (CANCELLED)
  • Beaches at Lake Michigan (2+ times)
    • Build a sand castle and bury each family member
  • Strawberry Picking 
  • Blueberry Picking (Late summer)
  • Fly a kite
  • Canoeing (2+ times)
  • Volunteer/Prepare Meals (3+ times)
  • Feed ducks at Leeper Park (1 time)
  • Visit Bertrand Farm (2+ times)
  • Visit Grandma & Grandpa and visit their zoo
  • Go to pool with Papa & Nana
  • Order from the Ice Cream Truck- just 1!
  • Ride on Papa's Boat (1-2 times)
  • Drive-In Movie Theater (date night 2 times)
  • Rita Clare write letters to her friends & skype (3 times)
  • Backyard Fires (5+)
  • Host a Potluck (1-2)
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale & RC's Lemonade/Jewelry Stand
  • Grow herb garden
  • Put together 3 plays written and with costumes
  • Rita Clare's Extracurriculars- Violin lessons, t-ball, tennis lessons,swim lessons?
  • RC learning achievements- understand money values, learn address, learn phone number, emergency & safety in house procedures
  • Tyler's extra- swim lessons?
  • Tyler's learning achievements-all the colors, shapes, dress self, potty training 
Me (Personal Goals):
  • Finish organizing all family pictures to current ;
  • Read 3-5 books
    • Nurtured With Love (Suzuki)
    • Nonviolent Communication
    • Bossy Pants (Tina Fey)
    • Fun Fiction 
    • Why mothers and daughters fight and how both can win (Uninteresting)
    • Book on my shelf I haven't read yet

This seems like an awful lot but would be fantastic if we did 80%.  I'm planning on printing this out and posting it in our kitchen eat-in area where we spend a lot of time with the kids.  Then as we do something on the list, we can mark it off together.

I'd love to see YOUR bucket list!  If you made one, will you post it in the comments section please?

Peace and joy,

Jen Starks,


Kristen said...

Sella Family Summer 2012 To Do List
Go to the library on a regular basis.
Visit the beach
Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological State park
Make homemade ice cream
Have a picnic in the park
Pick blueberries
Go camping
Go out at night and look at the stars
Blow bubbles
Make our own playdough

I might add some things and I had been thinking about a blog post (even before you mentioned it, I will link to you if I do). I also have a "welcome to summer vacation" night planned for Savannah for the last day of school.

Anonymous said...

Kristen-Would love to have you link it. Great list you have going! :)

Claire said...

Jen, you're not in Florida anymore, are you?! Strawberry picking is still an option, and blueberries in "late" summer. ;)

Love your list. I'm going to make one for us! This si such a good idea.