Thursday, May 10, 2012

21 Day Challenge-Halfway Check-In

Since we are at the halfway point through our "21 Day Challenge", I'm checking in with you to share how it has been going for me.  I am also very interested in how it is going for you.  As I mentioned in my initial post here, I was committing to get into bed at an earlier time.  Not at an insanely early hour but just a minor change to what I had been doing.  This should be easy, right?.  After all, the plan was to commit to only 21 days (of course, it was my hope that I would maintain this but with ease because it had become a habit!).  But I have honestly been racing to get into bed with minutes to spare squeezing every minute out of my night.  What is going on with me?  Why is this so hard???

All of us picked our goal for a specific reason with the hope it would improve our lives in some small way- maybe even in a bigger way.  Daily, my kids were dragging out of bed every morning and I'd be grumbling because I wanted, I NEEDED more sleep.  Adding in more hours of sleep was supposed to be a way to combat that feeling in the morning and to gain a better attitude as I woke up refreshedm(and hopefully on my terms, not my kids).  In my fantasy world, I would even wake up singing to the birds chirping outside my window. :)

Why did you choose your goal and what is your desired effect?

At this point, I wish I could report that I've turned into a joyful and re-energized individual.  I am to some degree.  But life (especially with small children) somehow brings you curve balls you just don't see coming. For instance, I had no idea that my 2 y.o. son would figure out how to climb out of his crib this week.  Now he won't stay in his room, has had difficultly falling asleep at night, and has then been waking me up at 5-6am almost every morning.

Have you had any curve balls?

I'm still tired.  But one change is that I thank myself for going to bed at a reasonable hour.  Normally I would be a complete zombie and a very grumpy mom, scolding myself saying "what was I thinking staying up until midnight?". That had become the usual scenario and not a great first message to tell myself.  This is a minor success, right?

We are going to do another giveaway later today to bring in some more energy back into our goals.  We hope you keep it up for your own sake!  If you've been staying committed to your goal, you are on the homestretch to success.  ;)



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