Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rebel with a Cause-Delta's 2nd Response (Small Victory!)

I just received an email from the Delta Social Media Team.  Here's what they wrote:

Dear Ms. Starks:  We have had the opportunity to review your posting on the “Raising a Green Family” blog and have initiated an internal investigation on the matter. 

As part of our focus on ensuring the safety of all passengers, we do have strict criteria as to the type of seating used by infants and small children.  In the event that a child’s seat does not meet these guidelines, it is standard procedure for our flight attendants to request that you not use the seat.

Based on your blog, it sounds as though you were not pleased with the way this information was presented to you and for that we apologize. As we continue to investigate this matter internally, we would like to offer you some compensation and will have our Customer Care Department contact you to discuss the details later today.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and hope you will offer us the opportunity to serve you in the future.


Delta’s Social Media Team

Jen Starks, Owner www.ecologicalbabies.com ecologicalbabies@gmail.com 850.284.5887


jeni said...

hopefully its pretty good compensation. that was pretty horrific.

Rachie Pachie said...

Okay, well @ least it's a start. I think they are overlooking the fact that you were ESCORTED out the plane by police & that you NEVER violated the guidelines... not simply that you were "unhappy".

Glad to see that they even read your blog & not just the emails they were sent. Good job, Jen! Keep it up! We're behind ya!

bdogmama said...

Just got this response from them on twitter. I agree, they are overlooking the fact that you were escorted off the plane and treated like a criminal, when actually, not only did you pay for the privilege, but it was the other way around...

DeltaAssist @Bdogmama @caseyyu Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've responded to @EcologicalBabie to offer apologies & resolution. ^WG

Lisa said...

Honestly? This is a BS response. You were not unhappy with being informed of the rules. The attendant made up some not-real rules and then tried to enforce them. There is a big difference between being irritated at a real rule and being forced to follow a rule that doesn't exist and then escorted by armed guards off a plane in front of your toddler who has no idea where the men are taking Mommy. This is a pat on the head and a lollipop, not a good response.

MermaidLilli said...

"In the event that a child’s seat does not meet these guidelines, it is standard procedure for our flight attendants to request that you not use the seat."
Umm, this was not a seat, it was a piece of cloth used to hold an infant close to mama and have the opportunity to nurse in private. It was not used during takeoff and landing.
We are hoping they are reading these responses so as to educate themselves to this incident.
If you think about it, a sling is very safe for a baby. Holding your baby in arms is not as safe.

Casey said...

I agree. Glad to hear they responded, but it's such BS.

Mommy This and That said...

I agree with a sling being safer than your arms but I believe the rule is that they can not be in a sling.

I think the FA was definitely not clear in what she was asking.

I only fly Delta and have been breastfeeding for 19 months. We fly every month or so and I have never had anyone working their flights utter a word to me about breastfeeding. I have had them ask me to remove my child from a sling before we took of, which I did.

I hope Delta does a thorough investigation and you get compensated appropriately. I really think the FA probably needs to grasp a better understanding of HOW they interact with customers.

Anonymous said...

What MermaidLilli said! The FAA rules govern child seats and restraint systems, not slings (which are not meant to be safety devices). And they totally missed the point that this was DURING THE FLIGHT WHEN FASTEN SAFETY BELT LIGHTS WERE OFF, NOT DURING TAXI, TAKEOFF OR LANDING...and there are no 'rules' during that portion of the flight. So, by Delta's logic...a breastfeeding mother who holds her child in her arms mid-flight is fine, but a breastfeeding mother who holds her child in a sling mid-flight is not?

Idiots...never flying Delta again. Reposting on my own FB account. My mommy friends will be livid about this BS response.

Anonymous said...

Just sent to MSNBC.

Jessica G. said...

I agree with everyone else...such a BS response! They completely missed the point. The issue had nothing to do with car seats. As a mother of an infant, this angers me and will definitely keep me away from Delta unless they handle your situation appropriately.

aGibson said...

I agree with MermaidLilli and Mommy This and That. You should be careful to remind (or point out to) them that this was not during taxi, takeoff or landing, and that a sling is not a child seat or a restraint system. FAA rules govern restraint systems, and it seems that they're taking it for granted that a sling falls under those rules. Hence the pat on the head.

And Rachie Pachie makes a good point - they seem to have forgotten that this was not just unhappiness with the FA lack of manners (although it sounded like she was very rude) but the fact that she had you escorted out by the police for something that isn't a violation of any rule.