Thursday, September 2, 2010

CONTEST: Submit Your Best --Beans & Rice/Legumes & Grain Recipe

One of the best ways to start our journey of simplicity is to embrace a simpler and healthy way of eating. I'll admit that I used to despise beans. But over time, I've experimented with different types of beans/legumes and recipes. Now, I really enjoy them and particularly embrace them during the cooler months.

This month, I want to start eating a legume & grain meal once a week. It's a great way to start eating healthier, is a simple meal, saves money, helps us be in solidarity with those in poorer countries, and better for the environment. (I'll go into more detail about the last statement in another blog post.)

Join us in pledging to eat a meal like this once a week. I know many of you have a great recipe or two you already use with your family. Let's put our favorite recipes together, so we have a great central location to try new recipes.

Contest Requirements:

For the next week, submit some of your favorite beans & rice (or legumes & grain) recipe. At the end of the week (9/9 5 pm), I'll draw a name for the winner. Our lucky winner will receive a set of 4 plates from Kidishes. ($17.99 value)!!

To Qualify: 
1. Post the recipe in our Discussion Board section under "Great Simple Meals".
2. Every time you submit a new recipe, you are entered into the contest. (PLEASE don't just submit a random recipe from the web you've never tried. I want these recipes to be GREAT...and the simpler, the better!)
3. You have to be a "follower" of our blog.

We look forward to trying some of your fabulous recipes!



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princess granola said...

super duper easy mexican lentil casserole.

costco sells these great lentils that come in microwavable pouches. they contain lentils, red, beans, tomatoes and spices.

warm up one or two according to how much you want to make.

layer in a baking pan with ripped up tortillas and shredded cheese.

bake at 350 until it looks yummy and bubbly.

serve with yellow rice? peas? salsa? guacamole? plantains? sour cream?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we love those pouches! Usually I just heat it up and eat with chips. Great idea, Emily!

Michelle said...

Better late than never!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle!!!