Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unexpected Weaning

As some of you know, I went on a trip to Denver (alone!) last weekend.  You can read more about my trip here.  I have also recently disclosed that I am pregnant (here). Even though it was a fantastic and spiritually nurturing trip for me, I had an unexpected experience that happened when I milk supply dried up.

Yes, it is true that I have been nursing my 2 and 8 month old son.  We had dropped down to about 3 nursing sessions a day and I made plans to drop another one in the next couple weeks.  Since I have been pregnant, nursing has honestly been uncomfortable and I know it will only become even more so as my belly grows.

A couple weeks ago, I brought up the idea to Tyler about having a "Weaning Party" and he could pick what he wanted to do for his party.  He picked Chuck-e-Cheese with an ice cream cake (specifically mint chip ice cream, sprinkles, and oreos on the sides).  I had him pick a day in November (figuring that by then we would be down to one nursing session) and had him put a sticker on the day.  We've been talking about it and he is excited.

Well, when I returned on Sunday, that was one of the first things that Tyler wanted to do.  "I want 'nums!'" I've been away over an entire weekend twice within the last year and everytime I returned, my body kept my supply going.  Not this time!

Tyler says, "There's nothing in there!"  In an instant, I knew it was gone.  I honestly teared up a bit.  That sticker on the calender was as much for me as it was for Tyler.  Our special time had come to an abrupt end and I found myself unprepared.  Trying to hold it together as to not upset him, I replied enthusiastically "Well, I guess you drank it all gone and we need to have your party REALLY soon now!"  So, this Friday we are celebrating (and mourning a little too) that our relationship is changing whether I am ready or not.

What was YOUR weaning experience like for you and your child?  Any surprises?

Also in transition,

Jen Starks, Owner 


Amy said...

Congratulations on doing such a great job! Two years and eight months is a long time and I'm sure it wasn't always easy. It's a great bond you've built with your son. One which will last long after the nursing has stopped. My son is 20 months and we are down to 2 nursing sessions a day. I have no clue how long we will go. Most of the time he asks for it, since it's part of his nap and bedtime routines, but every once in awhile he's too excited to move on to story time, so he forgets about it and I don't bring it up. As with everything else, I'm guessing he'll let me know when he's ready. Congratulations on your weaning, unexpected though it was, and also on your pregnancy! Now you can put a new sticker on your calendar to approximate the start of a new nursing adventure :)

Samantha Glenn said...

Isla just weaned a little over a month ago at 27 months. My pregnancy made nursing very uncomfortable too and started drying me up. We were pretty much down to only nighttime nursing to get her to sleep and maybe here and there during the day. I also started working part time and was not home when she went to bed some nights, so I think that helped things along too. I was kind of glad it worked out that, but I'm pretty sure if I never got pregnant, we would still be nursing. She was very much attached to her "boobie", I'm surprised it wasn't a harder transition for her. But I will get to do it all over again in about 4 months!