Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Exciting News!

My daughter drew this picture of our family the first week of school.  She's going to be 5 next month, and it has been really fascinating to watch how her artwork has been evolving since she was 2 years old.  Someday, I hope to put together a post showing her dramatic evolution.  But for today, this picture shows her newest stage that began a couple months.  She has been all about drawing people in a story.

So if you look from left to right, there is Daddy (who apparently is really tall!), then me, Rita Clare, Tyler, and then someone in Tyler's arms (our news!). :)  How quick my daughter was to include our new growing baby in her family portrait and I was also surprised to see that she put the baby in Tyler's arms.  She replied that she wanted Tyler to hold the baby, so she could stand next to me. :)

I don't know who is more excited about our news, me or Rita Clare.  Of course, she wants it to be a girl and sets out clothes she grows out of aside for the baby to someday wear.  She has also stepped up to try to take care of me.  She likes to bring me water or Cheerios on my tougher mornings, and is especially taken leadership when I'm not feeling well.  It has been very sweet and reassuring.

Yesterday, we had an ultrasound to check on the due date, since I wasn't confident I was only 8 weeks along.  It turns out my instinct was right.  Instead, I was 9 weeks and 4 days.  It was weird to jump over a week and a half but I am glad I now know with more accuracy.  Silly as this sounds, I enjoy reading each week of development and now I am not a week and a half behind knowing what is happening to our new baby.  Never having had an ultrasound this early, I was really surprised to see how detailed the features of the baby were and that the baby was already moving around in my uterus.  Not only does it feel even more real to our family but it also has personalized the experience for me even more.

Here's our little one:

Estimated Due Date- 4/24/13

Already smitten,

Jen Starks,


Tanashia Huff said...

Jen, awesome! Congratulations.

Marie-Claire said...

Congratulations!!! Lucky baby to arrive in such a wonderful family!
Marie-Claire (from Tallahassee but currently in Berlin :) )