Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Habit Worth Changing!

I just read this quote about consumption that was spot on for me.  It said:

"Stop Consuming So Much Information without Doing Anything. Seriously, do you really think that next eBook for $27.99 is going to tell you way more than you already know? It amazes me how many people would rather ‘consume’ all day than actually apply the teachings they’ve been reading and hearing again and again and again. The fact is most of us don’t need any more information, we just need to actually do something." 

I don't know if this hits home for you as much as for me.  I never considered pouring myself into parenting books, cookbooks, or business books as a way of consumption.  But I couldn't help nod when I realized that often I read books with the same message just reiterating what I already knew.  Just reading these concepts isn't producing any results unless I use the knowledge already in me and put it to good use.  Duh!  

Honestly, sometimes I even purchase a few books on a topic I'm excited about and then only get to a couple of them before my enthusiasm dies down.  Fortunately, I'm into used books. :o)  But what a waste of time and money, I'm realizing!

Here's to getting out there and practicing all that wisdom we've been reading about!



Note: This quote comes from "The Sales Lion" at on 1/4/2012.

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BTE mom said...

Jen, this is so true! My current one is trying to deal with my 6 yr old's food aversion. I've bought numerous books and they are collecting dust. If I just read through one, I might actually get some ideas on feeding him. My goal is to try go several months without buying a single thing other than groceries. Just to see if I can!

Anonymous said...

use the library! and if you love the book for a reference then buy it!

Alison said...

I feel that way about Pinterest- having hundreds of pins but not working on making or doing anything about about them.

Sandi said...

Yes this really is what I have been thinking about so much recently. When you asked "What habit do you currently have that you just can't break?" that has been all that has been on my mind since then. This year is all about tuning into my more authentic self. So more trusting of my own insight and knowledge and acting and doing more.