Saturday, December 24, 2011

Give Your Presence as a Present!

I don't know about you but something about the day or two before Christmas sends anxiety over me that I haven't given enough "gifts" to our kids or my husband.  I feel this burning desire to jump back into my car with credit card in hand.  It's not a good feeling!

I imagine that after opening all the presents, my daughter will say, "Is that it?" or "But I REALLY wanted..." But you know what?  She might say that even if I dash back out there and buy more.  This isn't what the season is about.  And what Rita Clare and Tyler and Brian (spouse) really want is quality time with me.  What good am I if I leave during this holiday and go shopping?  I come back tired, they've been having fun without me, and we now have less money to spend on other fun events together.

Today, I am making a few extra surprise gifts to add to the Christmas tree.  No wrapping necessary!  They are going to be those cheesy coupons we gave our parents (and I've been known to do this for Brian too).  With two young kids and a busy lifestyle, I want to plan out fun events of one-on-one time with each of them to use this upcoming year.  Spending intentional time together builds our relationship and creates memories that last a lifetime.  I know I can remember some of those moments growing up and still like to think back to those.  Maybe it's going out to lunch just the two of you.  Maybe it is doing an art project together.  Get creative and cater it to the interests of your recipient!

So, share a nice warm drink together and enjoy these next few days where we are given an excuse to do nothing but spend quality time together.



P.S. If you are making coupons like this, what are in yours this year?

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