Friday, December 30, 2011

Flip Trainers-Our Insight

We've officially been testing out these trainers for about 4 weeks now and have primarily been using them as added fluff to our cloth diaper stash.  Technically, they are designed to assist your toddler in moving out of diapers and using the potty.  I'm confident my son Tyler will get there when he's ready but we're both not ready to take that leap.  SO, I can only give you my input about the technical details and reasons I like them as a diaper and not necessarily as a trainer.

These trainers are by far the best designed trainers I've tested out yet.  They are very trim and adjustable to toddlers 20lbs to 50 lbs.  They can truly be pulled up and down by your toddler.  The kits that are available for purchase right now are offered for a limited time. I think this is a great deal for what it all entails.  I have 5 extra pads (look like a double) that are organic cotton and have used these inside the shell and also inside other pocket diapers for extra absorbency.  These trainers could also be used at night time as a diaper with 2 or 3 pads stacked inside the shell.  So basically you get 5 diaper changes for $25-not bad!!!

The pads attach to the inside of the shell with a hook/loop system and so nothing slides around.  Since the shell is a laminated polyester like most other covers for cloth diapers (e.g. Thirsties covers), it can be reused over and over again in one day.  The pads are also absorbent like a normal cloth diaper but since it is 100%, your toddler will feel wet.

Right now, we just have the "gender neutral" kits in stock which has the vanilla color with a turquoise blue.  It's nothing fancy or super exciting like our other printed diapers.  But it certainly gets the job done and works for boys and girls.

I'll post pictures of Tyler wearing them soon!



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Lisa said...

Hey! :) I just wanted to put it my two cents about the flip trainers -- I was looking for (1) something that could handle some nighttime wetness without leaking all over the bed, necessitating a 2am sheet change, and (2) something that my son could handle on his own, taking them on and off so that he can independently use the bathroom during the night, which he is doing more and more. I had high hopes for the flip, but unfortunately it is still really hard for him to take off and put on by himself. Part of it I think is the snug fit -- if there were a roomier size I think that would be helpful. He is about 35 pounds and it is a little tight to squeeze them on. Part of it is that he takes his pants completely off to use the bathroom. I can't change this; he does it his way. :) So I use the trainer because it's cheaper than pull ups, but what I am finding is that the same thing happens with the flip as happened with pull ups -- it contains leaks through the first part of the night, and then he gets up in the middle of the night, takes it off to pee, and then can't get it back on again, and so then goes back to sleep with no underwear under his shorts. Then, at about 6am, he pees again, this time all over the sheets. It's a dismaying problem, and I have not found a trainer that actually meets our needs for this. I like the idea of the Flip, and for a smaller or more dextrous kid I think it might work perfectly. Thanks! :)