Monday, May 2, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

This is a phrase that has struck new meaning this morning. In particular, the second half-"want not."  Recently, I have been posting about my journey toward a more simple life and it has been an indescribably freeing experience.

A chosen life of simplicity is not one of sacrifices.  Instead, it is living life the way you want it, to the fullest.  It's the freedom of staying in those precious moments far longer than you can imagine. It's empowering. This past week, I have been repulsed at what possessions I just couldn't let go of that "cluttered" my home and my mind.  Clothes that I might "someday" fit into, candy that has been around for months, little "trinkets" filling in space and collecting dust, books I read a long time ago that I thought I MAY someday want to read again (and didn't!), baby toys that were never really a hit but couldn't let go of (that future baby might like it??), and more.

All these things carried emotional power over me.  The life of consumption is an endless drive that takes over my mind, drains my financial resources, and crowds my space.  Today, I looked at my small bathroom and for the first time, I thought it was the perfect size and looked beautiful with absolutely nothing on the surfaces. I took a few moments and admired the colors, the way the light shown in, and how clean I felt as I stepped out of the shower.  My mind was still.

As I embrace a more simple life, I don't want many things.  The idea of going to Target or another box store that tries to fill my head with "needs" seems unpleasant.  this is completely different from how I normally feel when I head to Target (excitement over deals, etc).  I've stopped thinking I might need something in CVS or Publix a while back, as most of their items aren't what we use or consume.  There's an occasional item or two, but on the whole I drive around not interested in most of the stores.

Does it bring the opportunity of quality time with my family? Am I REALLY going to use it enough times to justify it's need in our home?  Can I borrow something like this from family, friend, or a neighbor for a short period of time?  What happened to our community life?

I've decided this past week, that big warehouse stores like CostCo isn't right for our family anymore.  Sure I save a dollar or two on Cheerioes, easy to make meals, organic broccoli and carrots, etc. But I don't need 4 boxes of crackers (Even the ones I like) taking over my storage or 10 pairs of socks b/c it's a good deal.  I definitely spend more when I'm there, but more importantly, I'm tricked into thinking I need items in there and I don't.  The bulk buying usually has more packaging too.  I'll let my favorite stores buy in bulk and only pick up when we immediately need.  Right now, I have the luxury of it being so close to me (literally down the road).

Buy 1 Get 1 Free at Publix? The $1 section at Target?  No thanks.

Hoping you find the beauty in your moments today,


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Holly Galotti said...

I'm with you on this Jen! I don't get excited to shop at the mall or Target anymore like I used to. I find so much more joy in re-purposing items I already have or getting a piece of furniture at a junk store and fixing it up myself. Spending time to create things for my house and my family feels really rewarding. Compulsively buying mass produced things does not.

BTE mom said...

Hi Jen,
I am new to your blog and was referred to it by a mom you know who is in my Lexington play group (also Jen). We both cloth diaper and I recently spoke with her about our goals on living a simplified life. I love your posting as it states exactly what I am trying to do for my family. It is really hard to get there but rewarding each step. I look forward to following your blog.
I'm at and just started blogging this year.

Anonymous said...

Stacey-Glad we're connected. I know whom you're referring to (Jenn B.) and am glad you've gotten to know her-she's great! I look forward to following your blog too.