Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebrate our Motherhood!

Ah, Mother's Day.  Why can't you come every Sunday? :o) I officially like Mother's Day better than any other holidays (even my birthday).  I feel no pressure to plan my day or think about how I'm getting older but can just stop and "feel the love."

It's also my favorite because 2 years ago on Mother's Day weekend, I found out I was pregnant with Tyler.  What a special gift for the weekend!  If you've been reading any of my recent posts, I've been in a great space mentally and I can see the impact it has had on my relationship with my 2 kids.  The amount of quality time I spend with them directly impacts the well-being of everyone in the family.  But I have to admit, I'm wondering if I can keep up the momentum.

I have been doing a few things these past 2 weeks that have been KEY to how things have been going.
1.  Organized-With all the purging I've been doing, I've also be organizing the heck out of everything I want to keep and use in my house.
2.  Efficiency-I've found a few tricks that has saved me a lot of energy and time, so I'm not completely exhausted at the end of the day. For example, I've set up routines for laundry, dishwashing, cleaning up toys.  I've integrated them into the day, so it doesn't all wait for me at night.  I really can't believe how much I'm able to accomplish.
3.  Preparedness- I cannot tell you how much of a difference getting things prepared the night before does on my days.  I'm not a morning person, expecially when I never seem to have enough sleep.  I've been packing lunches, putting things in the car that I need to do the next day, getting my coffee area all set up for easy access, meal planning, and coming up with a couple activities I want to do the next day.  HUGE difference in my life.
4.  Taking Care of Myself- Eating breakfast, green smoothies, more yoga and time  for myself at the gym.  It's like taking a big breath of fresh air.  I am a new person when I meet my own needs.

Despite all this, I can tell you that I have put in more "floor time" and intentional time with my kids than ever.  For example, I spent about an hour just having fun with Tyler on our hammock.  I thought to myself, why don't I do this more often?  We played hide and seek, colored, did puzzles, read books, shared nice meals, went out for frozen yogurt, and all today.  It blows my mind away.

Today, I love being a mother.  I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and laughter.




Rebecca said...

what a great post! I have enjoyed reading about your new organized lifestyle and want to know more! I need all the ideas I can get:) Thanks Jen

Deanna said...

What efficiency tricks are you going to share with us? Congrats on your new life.