Monday, February 7, 2011

Healthy Foods Seminar w/ The Kitchen Goddess

Old habits die hard, right?  I can't tell you how many years I have made New Year's Resolutions and the SAME list appears again.  I'm not saying I don't improve a bit and don't continue to work on issues throughout the year.  But it sure seems to take me a lot of effort to make a significant change in my life and I don't always have the patience to embrace tiny improvements.  Instead, I expect big and permanent results quick. :o/

Ok, I know I'm sounding vague about right about now and you're probably wondering how this relates to our upcoming seminar with The Kitchen Goddess.  Here's why!  I grew up in a heavily meat-eating, canned veggies, and convenient/process foods diet.  In an attempt to not insult my loving, hard working dual-income parents, I at least want to say I never starved, was content with all the foods given to me growing up, and was instilled with a desire to try new foods and learn how to cook well.

At the same time, I was not raised to yearn for a healthy, fresh foods diet.  I never considered where my food came from, how the animals were treated, what a lentil was, and how great my body felt when I ate healthy foods.  Sure I learned the food pyramid and knew that fried foods weren't healthy.  But I lacked a foundation to eat healthy, and which foods were going to make me feel best (no, I'm not just talking about eating salads at every meal!).

With 2 small children whom I'm trying to raise in a healthy way, I'm still working on feeling confident in feeding them well. I continue to read books, talk to other moms, and experiment with different foods.  But one person who has been a HUGE asset for helping me not only feed my children well but myself too is Jill Welch, The Kitchen Goddess.  When I was pregnant with my son Tyler, I met with Jill to help me improve my own diet and to prepare for healthy eating after he was born.

I've FINALLY come around to recognize that when I'm not eating well (e.g. skipping meals, grabbing quick convenient meals when I'm really hungry, etc), I'm not my personal best for my family.  With 2 young children and Ecological Babies in operation, life is always very busy.  I forget to stop for a minute and take care of myself.  Silly and foolish, huh?

Jill has prepared healthy meals for our family after my son, Tyler, was born.  She also brought food when our family was sick and needing a "healing" meal.  We've met to talk about healthy and tasty snacks that my picky toddler will go for and foods to have around to keep our immune system strong. I now crave healthy foods and drool over fresh greens and beets (now that I know how to prepare them well!) rather than force a salad down in the name of "health."  Thanks Jill!

I've asked Jill to partner with Ecological Babies to bring this knowledge to you and the rest of our community.  I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your health and your kids health too.  Whether you don't have children yet, your kids are young like mine, or your kids are all grown up and you want to start now eating well--this is for you.  Want to learn how to extend breastfeeding while slowly introducing foods to your baby?  You'll learn how here!

As a bonus, Jill will be providing healthy snacks at the seminar to give you a first hand experience while you learn. To register for both or just one seminar, head to our website to sign up:

To learn more about Jill Welch and all her amazing talents, check out her website.  She does other seminars around town that you might also want to check out sometime.We've been to a few and they are excellent.

What topics are you hoping she'll cover?  Post here and I'm mention them to her to incorporate into the upcoming seminar!  Do you have some bad habits too?

Peace, love, & healthy eating,


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princess granola said...

i'd love to hear her talk about healthy, quick and easy snacks. that's probably my worst habit- falling into the crackers or bunnies or pretzels are snacks all the time. quick and easy healthy breakfasts would be nice too... can you tell i'm in need of some quick and easy things. :)