Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Ways to Use Rockin Green Detergent

Here are some creative ways to use your Rockin Green Detergent posted recently on their Facebook Page.  Do you have any other ways you use it at home?

Jamie Lynn G. uses it to steam clean her carpets
· Robyn L. uses it to soak dishtowels in the sink. “They come out super clean,” she says. “Rockin’ Green is miracle stuff.”
· Heidi M. soaks her dish rack in Rockin’ Green to bust away all the icky soap scum.
· Diane T. sprinkles Rockin’ Green on her toilets before swishing them.
· Amy K. rocks a soak with her sheets.
· Kellie B. used it once to get red fingernail polish out of her white carpet and it worked!
· Samara Q. uses it on nearly everything in her house - carpets, as dishwasher detergent and as a stain remover for just about anything – bathroom, mirrors, counters, diapers, floors. She has even made a paste with Rockin’ Green and water for shining her appliances before her family comes over, and she got the hard water off her spray hose and showerhead in the bathroom.
· Liz F. uses it to get out dog urine from the carpet and walls, as well as spit up from baby and dog on the carpet and the couch.
· Amy P. rocks the soak with her husband’s military uniforms.
· Amy K. took off the covers from her couch cushions and rocked the soak. “I was shocked that they looked like new,” she says.  
· Heather W. uses it to get out dirt from the grout in her tile floors.
· Alison B. uses it as jewelry cleaner.

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Oohhhh good ideas!