Wednesday, September 2, 2009

REVIEW: Fitted Diapers we've tested!

It's often difficult for me to explain why I love fitted diapers as much as I do and struggle to highlight their great value in a diaper stash. I usually turn to my fitted diapers first and find them great at every age, especially 6 months and up. I'll be honest though, there are a lot of fitted diapers we've tried and don't like. Thirsties fitteds are my favorite and that's why we carry them. I will only carry products I truly believe are good quality and function well.

Thirsties Fitteds are superior (in my humble opinion) for the following reasons:
-They stay super soft on the inside and out (fleece inside, cotton velour on outside
-They have a very comfortable, trim fit and gentle around the waist
-Baby stays dry to the skin, since they are lined with fleece
-Absorbent yet fast drying
-Great quality aplix (velcro)
-Can be put on easily while baby is standing up (very important to me)
-Holds potential blow outs inside the diaper great

Next, I want to share all the fitted diapers I've tested, didn't like, and why I don't like them. I'd love it for others to share the ones they've tried and either liked or didn't like. Why?

- soft when you buy them and then a rough towel after you've washed them once
- baby's bottom stays wet against the diaper
-not very absorbent
- the elastic in the legs are poor quality
-long drying time (2 cycles)

Happy Heiny's Happy Hempy's (designed like a pocket fitted)
- so much extra fabric
- the aplix (velcro) around the waist is huge and digs into stomach
- baby feels wet against the skin

Happy Heiny's Sherpa Fitted
-This is just like Kissaluvs in the way they are designed and fit
-rough towel material
-baby stays wet against the skin
-long drying time
-very bulky but absorbs a lot

Bumwear Fitteds
-The fit on these are awkward as though baby's dimensions weren't measured well.
-aplix (velcro) not great

Babykicks Fitteds
-Not very absorbent
-Way too many snaps, even for me
- Our snaps broke very early but could have been a defective one
-Baby feels wet against the skin

Swaddlebee's bamboo Fitteds
-After first washing, the fitted felt rough...although, it has soften after a year
-short elastic life span

Bumgenius Bamboo Fitteds
-I actually like these but their biggest con is that they take a long time to dry.


Ashley said...

I just want to say that I completely agree about the problems with the Kissaluvs. These left HUGE, deep marks on my newborns thighs!

We tried the Tender Tush Organics fitteds. I liked the quick dry soaker, but the fit is very awkward.

All Together fitted diapers are made of prefold material and the newborn sized one we tried had a good fit. They are also priced reasonably and dry rather quickly.

Baby Beehinds bamboo fitted was very absorbent, soft, and dried in one cycle. However, it was small for a one-size and I didn't see it fitting well past 20 lb.

Lindsey M. said...

I disliked the Kissaluvs for the exact same reason! I sold them ASAP.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for a great post! As a soon-to-be mom, I am on the hunt for the perfect diaper for us. It's always good to get peoples honest opinion on different brands and types!

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