Monday, September 21, 2009

Reflections about our first year

I started developing this business at the roots, hoping to set a strong foundation reflecting my values and in hopes to bring true balance to my life and my family's. I set goals in the hopes that not only will it help guide me and keep me going in the direction I set in, but to possibly surpass them and create something beautiful in the process. And I did!

Ecological Babies has given me much more than I imagined as I started growing the business a year ago. Sure, I wanted to be involved directly with my community and hopefully empower families to choose a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Sure, I wanted to give to some worthy organizations whose mission I believed in and supported. However, I never imagined how much fun and fulfilling it has been to meet each individual family (around 250 families), come into their lives, and share part of their journey with me. In most cases, I meet couples at such a pivotal time in their life. There are so many questions and uncertainties to face, it's sometimes overwhelming. And somehow as a leap of faith, couples decide to consider making some important steps toward raising their family consciously, with environmental responsibility and for healthier lives. It's only a bonus how much money they'll also save in the process!

So as a final thought, I really have my supporters, customers, and many new friends to thank for bringing such an amazing life into my business. I cannot imagine being anywhere else in my life and finding this much joy as an individual, an independent business owner, and a mother.

Thank you!


Jen Starks, owner

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