Wednesday, August 19, 2009

REVIEW: bumGenius Organic One-Size All-in-one

Well, the title of the diaper is much more complicated than the diaper! This diaper is completely different than bumGenius' one-size 3.0 diaper for a number of reasons. It is made with organic cotton layers on the inside of the diaper. No pocket to stuff, and straight up organic cotton against the skin. What that also means is that baby's bottom feels wet to the skin.

I like the diaper because it actually is pretty trim for a one-size diaper, absorbent, is nice to have natural fiber against the skin, dries in one cycle, and is available in snaps or aplix (velcro).

My only complaint is that the layers of cotton can sometimes bunch up awkwardly and I have to be careful that they stay tucked inside the elastic legs. I also have become spoiled with Rita Clare's skin staying dry with fleece against her, so that is an adjustment too. Finally, it's also significantly more in price, than the one-size 3.0 style ($24.95 vs. $18.95). However, I think it's worth the price different.

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Nope, this isn't what will be released in a couple days :o)