Thursday, July 30, 2009

REVIEW:Thirsties Duo Cover 1st Impression

I've officially started testing out Thirsties new covers, which is designed to be trimmer and only have 2 different sizes for purchase. My daughter, Rita Clare, is 24 lbs (21 months) and falls into the size 2 category. First of all, the color choices available are super cute. Second, the medium Thirsties covers tend to be a bit bulky in the back waist area, since it covers a big weight range (18-28 lbs). I'm hoping this will prove to be a trimmer fit, even though the weight range is 18-40 lbs. Third, the Duo covers also have the wonderful leg gussets the others have-hooray!

She's wearing it now and it fits just like the other Thirsties covers but has a lot more fabric in the front, which folds in with snaps. I tried the first snap on RC but it is pretty clear that she's in the second snap. In the first, the front of her fitted diapers shows some, which could cause some leaking. We're trying it a naptime for a good test...will post more with more uses.

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