Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 3 Postpartum Check-in

Here I am sitting at my computer, finally getting a moment to sit down and check in here.  I have so many ideas throughout the day of what to bring to the blog but, alas, I rarely get the time to type it out.

I'm putting this picture in here to lay it all out there.  My hair hasn't been washed in a couple days, there are bags under the eyes and no makeup, and Ian is slumbering on my chest while I type.  This is my reality.  I'm happy but tired.  Not all moments are calm and peaceful but it is getting better everyday.

I posted a couple days ago on my Facebook page that the hardest part of this time period is not being able to get things done at my own pace.  This is secretly a blessing in disguise. Even though it is mentally frustrating, I want to be able to enjoy slowing down and not needing to work through a "list" to feel like the day was worthwhile.  It is kinda like putting on braces.  My teeth resist change but the pain eventually subsides. This baby is keeping me in check, reminding me that this is supposed to be a "restful" period.  Now if only my other kiddos would allow for it!!!

I wanted to share how important it has been for me to take care of myself.  By this I don't mean putting on makeup or showering every morning (maybe for you it will be).  It's by nourishing myself and forcing myself to go slow.  It is essential that I drink enough water, eat healthy, and to try to get sleep when possible. Granted, I went to bed at 7:30 pm last night. I knew that when Ian went to sleep next to me, this was the clock that would eventually wake me up.   My body gets shaky easily if I haven't eaten enough or feel to emotionally worked up.

Someday I will have my freedom back and be able to stay awake later and not pay for it the next day. Today, I get to snuggle with my newborn and listen to his sweet sounds. Today, I get to revel in his new baby scent and rock with him in my chair as I watch birds at our feeder.  Soon, that opportunity will be gone.

For all you mamas just having a baby, take heart and take care.  It's a journey not a race.  Don't judge yourself on this time period.  Slow down and remember to breathe through the tough moments.  Most importantly, don't be afraid to accept or solicit help.   These are all things I have to remind myself often!

Tired yet peaceful,

Jen Starks, Owner

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