Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Announcing Ian Matthew!

Yep, I'm completely smitten. and exhausted!  My brain is mush and I can't ever seem to muster up the nerve to answer the phone.  But looking at my newest arrival, I'm reminded that all that matter is that I soak up all his newborn-ness.  His features have already changed and I love gazing into his eyes as he looks at mine in wonder.

Ian finally decided to come on April 30th at 5:31pm. 8 lbs, 3 oz and 19 in.  Only 6 days late but felt like eternity.  It's one of those experiences that you start to forget (much like pain during labor!).  Note to all of you who are pregnant.  Remind yourself that you will be 2 weeks late, so that each day from 37 weeks you aren't thinking you might have your baby.  Of course, you want to have things ready around 37 weeks though.

Once I can actually get enough time, energy, and mental clarity I am going to share my birth story.  After that, I want to post on some 2 weeks post partum thoughts.  I can't guarantee I'll get those to you promptly.  I can't predict anything at this point, except that Ian will want to nurse within the next 2 hours and a diaper change will need to happen about that time as well.  :)

Thank you all who were praying for us during our labor and for all your support during this time.  As many of you know, it's crazy at home.


Jen  ;)

Jen Starks, Owner 

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