Monday, June 18, 2012

Colon Cleanse for Father's Day

For the most part, I stuck to the typical Father's Day routine.  We started out with "breakfast in bed" after letting Daddy to sleep in a little.  Then we went to church, socialized after mass, and went home for my toddler's naptime.  He was able to relax and have some alone time during the naptime. After naptime, we hit the pool with my extended family and I chased after the kids when he opted to lounge in a sunny spot.  Once we were home, he took a nap while I played with our kiddos.  This type of Father's Day has become typical and I think he had a really nice day.

One thing he wasn't anticipating was part of his gift.....a colon cleansing kit. :)  I have no idea how great this particular kit is going to work out as there are a bunch of options in the store.  The idea came to me when he had been recently complaining that he was feeling really sluggish all the time and how his shorts were starting to fit a bit uncomfortably tight.  Ah, maybe a cleanse would help, I thought.

The colon cleanse kits claim to shed the body of toxins in the large intestine and colon bringing more mental alertness, higher energy levels, better digestion of food, minor weight loss, better concentration, and an overall feeling of better health.

This is not the type of thing he'd usually be interested in doing, so at the very least I could tell him it is a bit of a joke gift.  But secretly, it's not.  I mean, if I can purchase gift certificates to a spa to help him feel relaxed and rejuvenated, perhaps the effects of this "experiment" would lend similar results.  Right?

Well, he chuckled when I gave it to him and said he'd give it a try. Who knows, maybe it will be what he asks for next year for Father's Day. :o)

Jen Starks, Owner

p.s.  As a random note, I highly recommend NOT googling "colon cleanse" in the images section.    Big.mistake. 

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Claire said...

Jen, you're too funny. At first I thought surely this is a gag post. But after reading it through I think it is thoughtful!

I love the picture. Maybe it should be captioned, "Here lies Brian, comfortably swinging in his backyard hammock, light as a feather after his recent colon cleanse."