Friday, March 4, 2011

Lasting Effect of Healthy Foods Seminar

You know the feeling of going through all the cookbooks on the shelf, picking one out, and bringing it home for the first time?  You can't wait to get started on some new recipes and a new found sense of energy surges through you in the kitchen.  That is how I'm feeling after our Healthy Foods Seminar with The Kitchen Goddess, Jill Welch. What's better is that I'm fired up about all my cookbooks and some of Jill's recipes she shared.

Even more still, I know which foods I want to focus on and have a bunch of new veggies, grains, sauces, dips to start my adventure.  Thank you Tyler (my son) for taking a nice long nap after visiting New Leaf Market to buy some goodies!  If I didn't have some peace and quiet, I wouldn't have nearly enjoyed this "free" time as much as I did.

As expected, the seminar went great!  I knew how much I needed the advisement from a whole foods educator, but am now even more convinced by how necessary these seminars are for the community at large.  Sure, we might have mastered the first solid foods for our baby.  And that's a great start!  But how are your mealtimes going through the week and weekend?  How do you manage to do it?

I'm the first one to admit that it is such a challenge for me to make dinners.  I've started getting the healthy snacks and lunches going.  But both kids home with me and running Ecological Babies takes away a lot of my gumption for preparing meals.  With this new energy and focus back on making it a priority, I'm feeling great about getting back on track.  I've learned some tips on which foods I'm integrating and how to get creative with fitting it all in.  A work in progress though!!!  Thanks Jill for a wonderful seminar.

A humble mama,


p.s.  If we decide to do another round of these seminars, would you come?  What day/time would be best for your busy life?

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Maureen said...

I would have loved to come to the first seminar for families... I have been under the weather, and trying to steer clear of ams and tots... I'm glad to hear it was informative and went well! I saw Jill at your EB's potluck and her smoothie making magic had me hooked!