Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Theme of the Month: Community

This month, we're focusing on the value of community. There's something authentic and satisfying about being a part of community and yet, many of us miss opportunities to get out there and join in.   Once upon a time and in many underdeveloped countries today, it literally took a village to raise children.  I believe we're missing out on something that our ancestors once had and villages have. 

When was the last time you went to a local festival?  How many locally-owned businesses have you supported?  Do you know the owners?  How many of your neighbors do you know...REALLY know? When was the last time you went to a potluck?  Has it been since your kiddos were born?

One of the greatest joys I receive in operating Ecological Babies is from connecting and contributing to our community.  I love meeting other locally-owned business owners and working together on a project.  I love donating to a local fundraiser, meeting new customers in the area, and seeing our "ecological" babies out and about.  

I personally want to instill the importance of community to my kids because I think it has a spiritual component and essential for their development.  Here's an example: We all go through tough times.  Think of how much it meant to you when you received a meal or some Easter cookies from your neighbor or a friend you made from a local mom's group. Here's another example: About once a week, the kiddos and I deliver meals with Meals on Wheels.  My daughter, Rita Clare, usually starts out by saying that she wants their meals.  Then I have her come to the door and bring some of the meal with me.  After seeing how much they appreciate it and through talking about how much they need it, she becomes excited about it and ends up yelling. "Enjoy your meal!" as we head to the car.  The rest of the day, she talks about the experience.  When we drive near neighborhoods where we've delivered a meal, she remembers.  I can tell it impacts her.
This month, I challenge you to put yourself out there.  Contribute to something local and see how it impacts your entire family.  This month, we'll give you lots of ideas to do this, so get ready!!!  For starters, you can come to our potluck on June 12 from 11-2pm.  I promise loads of fun and community development opportunities. :o)

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Princess Pioneer said...

Love Wednesday's at the market seeing everyone gather for food and purity. Such a beautiful community.

Sad to miss the potluck, we have two birthday parties that day. :(

Lindsey said...

This is a great post, Jen. You've inspired me to re-think community and what it means to our family. Thank you!