Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day.  It's a day that's worth celebrating more often, don't you think?   Since becoming a mother, I have a new perspective on Mother's Day.  Not only does it feel nice to be acknowledged and valued as a mom, but I certainly have gained a lot more insight and appreciation for all the mother's in my life (adopted mom, mother-in-law, birth mom, step mom).

This Mother's Day I am especially overjoyed because it was a year ago I first found out I was pregnant with Tyler.  Seeing those double lines on a pregnancy are moments I'll never forget.  Just a simple test, yet the emotions overflow.  Every time I've had a positive test, I feel disbelief, excitement, scared, anxious, and many more emotions!  It's truly one of those "I'll never be the same" moments.

I could list off many reasons why I love being a mother.  But it is often events that occur when I suddenly think "this is why!".  The hours following Tyler's birth were one of those occasions.  He was resting on my chest naked and I was so grateful to be holding him finally.  The other day my daughter, Rita Clare, gave me one of those moments.  It was a day I was particularly exhausted and I banged my leg on a chair.  She ran up to me and say "It's okay, Mama.  I love you!"  Then she kissed my leg (to make it better of course, like I do to her). (Even now I'm tearing up thinking of that!)

One of the hardest things I personally struggle with is finding enough time for myself.  Often too busy and tired, I try to "do it all." But when I make the time to take care of myself and be away from the kiddos awhile, I am such a better mom.  I appreciate what I have and I'm more balanced.

All moms can use a little pampering, even if the baby is still "cooking" inside.  To me, you're already a mom and we honor you too this weekend.  We're doing a contest to win a FREE pedicure at Kanvas Spa in Tallahassee and hope you'll join in on the fun.

All you have to do are 2 things: 

1. "Follow us" on our blog.
2. Tell us what you love the most about being a mom, or a special "mommy" moment.  

We'll randomly select someone and announce it Sunday evening on our Facebook page.  Good luck and we look forward to reading all your responses!


Jen Starks


Jenn said...

I love being a mother because I know it makes me a better, more generous, more conscious human being.

Here's one of my favorite Mommy Moments: A few months ago I had to get a pedicure in advance of a wedding I was in. My daughter, 19 months, stayed home with Dad. When I returned, she was instantly obsessed with the polish on my toes. The next morning when I was getting ready, she was playing on the bathroom floor. She'd been quiet for a while, so I looked over at her. She had my blush applicator brush and was blushing her toes (makes a lot of sense actually, ha ha). She looked up at me and with a big smile pointed to her little foot and said "Mama toes! Mama toes!" It reminded me of how closely she watches everything I do, how completely she depends on me to teach her about the world, and how much she loves me for being totally ordinary in every way.

I can't wait to be a mom AGAIN in a few short weeks. Happy Mother's Day to all!

Jenn Bishop

Maureen said...

Wow.... The post and previous comment made me cry..... I can relate to all of those experiences :) I love watching my youngest daughter copy her bigger sisters every move. I love their giggles that come bursting out. I love watching my girls nurse and cd their babies (dolls). I love when they tickle my arms at night, as I do theirs. I love their made up songs and dances... It's an endless list!

Stephanie B. Cornais said...

What I love most about being a mother, is simply Penelope. The fact that I am a mother is because she is here, because she was created.
I wanted to be a mother for so long, pretty much my entire life. Before she arrived I thought I was waiting to be a mother, but really I was waiting for her.

danielle said...

The easiest way to describe my feeling about motherhood is that once Braden was born, I began to practice "being present." I now see the world in color whereas before I saw it in black and white. Furthermore, since the recent loss of my own mother a few weeks ago, I feel even more a need and desire to carry on her legacy of love and gratefulness. I will carry on and share these gifts with my sweet, smart son and continue to actively practice gratefulness daily.

Rachie Pachie said...

Mmm, hard to think of just one thing, but I love the moments now that Elias is getting slightly "shy" or super snuggly & buries his head into my shoulder. Or when he gets so tired he literally falls asleep in seconds on my chest. Or when he is playing on the floor & wants my attention, looks up & claps his hands to get praise for us. Oh, the moments where Daddy & Elias are together... some of my favorites, too! Belly giggles & slobbery kisses.

Hmm, my favorite thing about being a mother is the blessing of just having Elias in my life. After four years of uncertainty trying to conceive, many*many months of never knowing if we'd be able to have a child, & surgeries, treatments, & medications... I have the complete miracle of motherhood. He's my miracle.

princess granola said...

i love having a connection with my children that no one else will ever have. other people may grow them in their heart but i am the only one who grew them in my belly.

i love when zola is sitting next to me and wants to hold my hand. and i love snuggling with niva when she's sleepy.

Maureen said...

Awww... geez Steph!!! Thanks for Waterworks number 3 for this post!!! <3

Leah said...

I love being mother because I am able to show my children the joy of life.

Melissa said...

I love being a mother because... wow, what a loaded start to a sentence... for so many many reasons. For the beautiful smiles I get first thing in the morning, or when Quin "pops off" from eating just to flash me a quick little grin... For the fact that I am beginning to see such an amazing personality in such a tiny person (he's four months tomorrow...)...for wanting to be a better person for him...for the other side of my husband that I have seen in the last months...for having 16lbs of a chunky baby that has come all from me, having and nurishing him has given me an amazing look at the miracle that is my body.

Happy Mommy's Day to you all!!!

sweet twee lab said...

I love being a mother because I have a little monkey to share joy with every day. I get to say and do things I never thought I'd ever do or say. Like, for example, saying "good girl!" when she lifts her leg and rips a fart. Or "don't put the dog's tail in your mouth". Or "don't bite my boob!" I get to smile and laugh a million times a day. I get to teach her and she get's to teach me. These are just a few of the millions and billions of things that I love about being a mother.

Lisa said...

I agree with Jenn's comment -- being a mom definitely has made me a better person, mostly against my will ;D

I had a great mom moment yesterday, as I was getting ready to meet my MIL for a Mother's Day tea at her church. My daughter Norah (5 weeks) was resting on the bed while I got my clothes on, and she started to fuss as I was scrambling to finish my makeup. My son Christopher (2 and a half) came in and leaned up on the bed to have a look. Whatcha doin? I asked.

I'm just checking on Norah, he replied. I'm just checking on her.

Seeing him respond to her cry by leaving his favorite TV show to come and make sure she was okay is one of those gratifying moments, when I feel like something positive has gotten through all the difficult parenting moments.

Amanda said...

I love being a mom! From feeling little flutters in my tummy to seeing my first daughter's smile my two little girls have brought nothing but joy to my life! There is a quote that says "having children is more than giving birth its choosing to live your life forever with your heart running around outside your body". I think that that sums up perfectly what motherhood is. I want nothing but for my girls to be protected, blessed, and loved that I would give and do anything for them. I am lucky that I get to stay home with them and they have inspired me to continue my education so that I can be the best for them and my community.