Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to De-Funk Those Smelly Diapers

Your (clean) diapers shouldn't stink.  And even wet diapers shouldn't have much of an initial smell. This is a stereotype. If you are having issues with this, then it is time to tackle this immediately.  If you don't, you might:

1. Have issues with diaper rash.
2.  Lose some friends at playgroups.
3.  Have diapers that are unnecessarily leaking.
4.  Have diapers that seem unusually uncomfortable and stiff on your baby.

All these are issues you don't want, right? :)

Well, there are a few steps I recommend for a solution.

1.  It's time to strip your diapers.  Go here to read more about your different options (easy, I promise!).
2.  Make sure you are washing every 1-3 days.  Otherwise, smells will start to set in (and bacteria too!).
3.  Use a dry pail system for storing your dirty diapers, as opposed to a wet pail full of water or a solution.
4.  If you have a private space that your child won't get into, keep your pail open for awhile.  This allows the diaper to dry, which will stop ammonia from building up.
5.  Get in the practice of sprinkling baking soda on the dirty diaper after you throw it in.  This will absorb smells, as well as increasing the effectiveness of your wash cycle.  We use a little arm&hammer shaker but some have used a parmesan cheese container (glass or plastic).
6.  Try to work on purchasing natural fibers. Synthetic materials build up quicker and hold onto smells more so than natural ones (cotton, hemp, bamboo) They tend to be better quality too!

Good luck!


Jen Starks, Owner 

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