Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Know You Are a Treehugger When...

...bring home dirty plates you collected at a wedding reception in order to save them from the garbage dump.  Yep, some may have been completely repulsed by this vulgar act at such an elegant affair.

My brother-in-law got married this past weekend and it was a fantastic one.  The bride clearly spent a lot of effort into making it her dream event as everything was coordinated and much trendier than I could ever pull off!   During the reception, we were served hors d'oeuvres and the plates we were given were made from bamboo.  (You may have heard of the brand "bambou".)  Anyhow, these were offered as a "green" alternative to paper or plastic plates, so they were seen as a single use item. When I realized this, I confirmed my suspicions with one of the servers.  She said, "it's better than paper or plastic being thrown in the trash." Yes, this is very true.  But inside, I was flinching that these precious plates were all being discarded.  They were beautiful!  Well, I just couldn't let all of them be thrown away.  :)

I kept every plate my family used and stashed it away in my purse and fantasized about all the occasions I was going to get to use these cute little plates.  I was so excited to unpack them and get them all ready for our next picnic lunch with the kids. I laughed at myself over this behavior that didn't seem so atypical for me and realized I was having a treehugger moment.  In fact, I even feel a little guilty that I didn't stash more.

When was your last treehugger moment?


Jen Starks, Owner 


Samantha Glenn said...

haha Jen! I love it! Who wouldn't want free bamboo plates?

Niki said...

As I was reading I thought, "Why didn't she take more?" Then I read a little more... great minds think a like. I would have totally done the same thing! And I would also have been kicking myself for not taking more :)

Angela said...

I would have done that, too. I've been eyeing those same plates at World Fair. Great idea!

Maureen said...

Ha!! Love this!`