Thursday, April 15, 2010

GroBaby as a Hybrid Option

Cloth diapers seem to get easier and easier the longer I'm in this business.  I'd have to say that GroBaby has become a great new alternative that all families (even those unenthusiastic about cloth diapers) can use and love.  GroBaby started out with shells (covers) and an organic cotton snap in soaker.  Basically, it looks like a giant cotton maxipad that snaps inside.  Despite how bulky it may appear on the inside, this diaper is very trim when put on your baby/toddler.  The snaps are great, so that it doesn't move around inside the shell (as opposed to the BumGenius "Flip" diaper). 

GroBaby works as a system.  What that basically means is that it works best when you purchase at least 2 shells and then buy 4 or more soaker pads.  Like prefolds and covers, you'll snap out the soiled soaker pad and then lay that damp shell on the changing table.  Then you'll use another shell with a clean soaker pad.  When that soaker pad is wet or poopy, then you'll snap it out and grab your initial shell laying on the changing table.  If you fully invest in GroBaby's system, you could ultimately spend about $15/diaper and receive ultimate convenience and organic material against the skin.  That's really a great deal compared to other diapers on the market right now.

Now, GroBaby has released biodegradable soaker pads.  The soaker pads stick inside the shell.  Then when it's used, you can either flush, compost, or trash the pads.  This concept is a great option for our busy summer months, day cares, and errands. I've only been testing the biodegradable pads for almost a week now, so I'm still learning and forming opinions.  Here are my first impressions. 

Overall, I really enjoy having them to turn to compared to another disposable diaper.  It has save ingredients and is a lot less harmful on the environment.  I've had some really messy diapers and not a single blow out yet. The material is soft to the touch and easy to put in the diaper.  I hand washed the covers and was able to just use 2 in a single day's worth of diapering.  The pads are the smallest option for a diaper bag I've ever seen (smaller than disposables).

Here are the not so great parts I've found.  First of all, I almost want to not like it because it feels like a slippery slope to disposable diapers.  Secondly, they need to improve the sticky part on the pads.  The sticky part likes to cling on to the snaps and can leave part of the stick behind.  With a little bit of effort, the sticky part does come off but it was annoying to mess with it.  Thirdly, I wasn't able to go 12 hours at nighttime without a leak.  I can go that long with our other cloth diapering options, so I was a bit bummed by that.  My 12 wk son seems to wet A LOT though at night and I've only tried it once.  But who likes to wake up wet and change all the sheets?  Not me! Next time I try it at night, I'm going to stick in a booster that the GroBaby shell set comes with. Maybe in combination, I can find success at nighttime.  Finally, I'd like the pads to come in a one-size fits all like the GroBaby is meant to be.  It would be nice to be able to use the box for both my newborn AND my toddler.

We've tried the GDiapers too, which is a direct competitor of the GroBaby diaper.  We've had an awful time with leaks in the legs, since they are cotton legs.  Plus, the velcro on the GDiapers take getting used to as well.  The GDiapers are also more expensive option, especially when factoring shipping costs too.

I've now had a few customers give the GroBaby Hybrid Test Drive Kit a try so far.  I'd love to hear other people's opinion and definitely think it is a great summer option, despite some drawbacks.  PLUS, I hear they are improving the pads and will be releasing new ones in the near future months.  I have not been able to find out when it is going to be released yet but will keep you posted. 


Tanashia said...

I'm going to try them out tonight for the 1st time. Will let you know how it goes. Hands down the GroBaby is better than the Flip! Haven't tried the G diaper.

Cindy Germain said...

I too feel that desire NOT to use them as it feels like a betrayal to my beloved cloth! I also had the same problem with the sticky tab. It was a LOT of work getting it off. I read somewhere to try the liner without taking the tab off(without using the sticker). I tried it and the liner still stayed in place, surprisingly. It was worth a try since I wasn't going to pick any more sticky mess off. I really do like using these when I travel. I feel better about using them than disposables, and they are easier to pack. I certainly can't pack my diaper sprayer!