Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review: Smartipants

Here's another diaper I've heard some chatter about, so I decided to test it out. Unlike the Happy Heiny's, I'd use this diaper more often.  But to me, it feels like a "cheap" diaper.

-Cute colors
-Snaps for a one-size
-Insert swishes out in the wash

-The overall design and fit of the diaper is awkward.  I think they need to improve it to fit on a baby better
-The inner lining, like a suede cloth, is rather rough against the skin.  It feels like a generic material and RC doesn't really like it (my daughter)
-The insert that it comes with doesn't really fit correctly in the pouch.  It's a bit too big and some of the microfiber always pokes out.  This is a material you don't want against your baby/toddler's skin!
-We've had multiple leaks in this diaper.  I use it around the house but cannot rely upon it while out and about.
-The diaper is made in China and at this point, I have no idea what the factory conditions are like there.

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