Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bringing out our Newborn Cloth Diapers Again

When I first began my journey with cloth diapers, I had not started or dreamed up Ecological Babies quite yet.  I was a novice and intimidated beginner, just like many of my clients.  Tonight, I pulled out my cloth diapers from when Rita Clare was first born and was shocked at how outdated they looked...already.  It was only a little over 2 years ago when we purchased these and I must say that I was disappointed with what I have.  No leg gussets, no trim fitting diapers, no cute prints.  But I can't abandon them all, since they are in fantastic condition and will probably be sufficient for use.  It's at least pleasing to know that all the diapers will be reused and to add more diapers to my newborn stash would be a minimal investment.  Isn't reusing diapers on the next child one of the greatest perks of cloth diapers?

I am, however, looking forward to trying a lot of our (Ecological Babies') new diapers that were not around yet when my daughter was in the newborn size.  It will be another new cloth diapering adventure and I can once again test how the fit of each diaper works at the smaller sizes.  I look forward to sharing that with you in the near future!




Mrs Huff RNC said...

Can't wait to hear your new recommendations after your new arrival! I'm 37wks now & can't wait to try out my own stash. Thanks for all the help. Hope you have a beautiful birth and a speedy recovery....just not at the same time as me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Tanashia- I too hope your labor goes smoothly. I know you'll do great! We'll have to compare notes on the diapers together :o) Keep in touch and let us know when the little one arrives...